About Raquel

Raquel Aleman was born into a family of six sisters and three brothers. From the very tender age of nine, Raquel developed a desire to become an author.

For years, it looked as if her dream of writing would never come true because Raquel was not privileged to go to school like other children.

Raquel's family was nomadic and traveled throughout the United States following the crops so there was never any time for school, secondly, her culture didn't believe that women were meant to be educated. At a very young age, girls were told that their only function in life was to tend to a husband and rear babies.

Raquel and her family always lived out in the country away from the rest of civilization. They never owned a radio or television and they could not afford to buy books or magazines. The only toys they owned were the ones their parents made for them by hand, so Raquel used that opportunity to entertain her younger siblings and cousins by being the story teller. She'd keep her siblings and cousins on edge every evening as she invented short stories to share with them.

She soon learned to read and write by listening to the sounds people made when they talked. When a group of missionaries started to come on a weekly basis, she listened intently to what they had to say. That's when she learned about God and started to develop a relationship with him. And although she couldn't read, she would look at the words in the pages of the bible on a daily basis every evening after work and tried to make out their meanings.

Raquel was eighteen years old when she began serving God in the church her husband belonged to. The pain and sadness in people's eyes birthed a heart-felt need to help others. She wanted to make a difference in the lives of the hurting. Child molestation, spousal abuse, and demonic oppression were not alien to her. She had gone through it all. She knew all about the fear, guilt, depression, and insecurity that came from said experiences.

Raquel began a Christian video ministry in the year two-thousand and two and began preaching through her films. The messages are meant to uplift, encourage, and bring hope to the hopeless. Raquel teaches, and is the example, that anyone can, and will overcome any negative emotion brought on by past experiences and bad memories. Her new writings instruct, uplift, and encourage those that are willing to invest the time in reading her books. Children too, get deliverance and direction through her books without making them feel as though they are being preached to.

Raquel is a wife, a mother of five, the owner of a bounce house business, a pastor, a missionary, and an author.


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